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Best way to preserve the bird's saliva

bird's saliva is one of the most nutritious foods available today to bring benefits and nutrients to family members.

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 Store in a dry place
Best way to preserve the Bird's Nest 1
Avoid storing in high humidity or sunlight areas as this will reduce the storage time and quality of the nest: The direct sunlight on the product long, can cause Loss of nutrients, especially components that are prone to pyrolysis such as amino acids. If stored in high humidity, low humidity, rare gas, if the box is not completely closed will increase the moisture content of oats inside.
Keep product in box with hygroscopic paper
In order to limit the increase of moisture content of Salanganes’Nests: With the storage of bird’s nests for a long time, humidity will affect the humidity of the nest increased, you keep the product in plastic box with suction paper. Moisture around will limit the increase of moisture Salanganes’Nests. In addition, dehumidifiers also help you reduce the impact and minimize breakage during transportation.
When preserving the bird’s nest with the above mentioned, you can maintain the quality of products for a long time.
Fresh oat products are soaked, so the swallow was swallowed more water. With the use of short-term, time saving, many people often soaked or salted a large number of salanganes and preserved in the refrigerator. To ensure the nutrition when preserving Salanganes’Nest should note the following information
With the nest has soaked: With the oats have been soaked but not processed, you can use the sieve to reduce the amount of water in the nest before putting in the refrigerator cooler. Soaked oats can be kept for a week in the refrigerator cooler. When you put it in the fridge, you need to put it in a sealed container, avoiding contact with other foods.
With oats cooked into dishes: With the combination of bird's saliva with other foods such as lotus seeds, ginkgo, … you need to find out the storage time of each of these foods. Avoiding the case, Salanganes’Nest quality is affected by the change from the food is attached. You should use the swallow nest processed in 2-3 days.
Stack nests in the freezer: bird's saliva are soaked in the drain to drain with a fan for 2 hours, into a box with a lid that can hold for 3 months. The storage in the refrigerator freezer often applies to large quantities of oats, should be stored for a long time to use gradually. With the amount of oats to store often, but the demand for each use is often less, you should split the amount of oat need to preserve many parts. When entering the freezer compartment, you need to put the container in a closed container, avoid contact with other food.
When defrosting to use: When the swallow’s nest to use, do not use warm water. Not only bird’s nest, but other foods, when you use warm water to defrost for a long time will drain nutrients.
Like many other foods, the best way to defrost celestial nests is to cool down the refrigerator overnight, the second way is to put the bird’s nest was wrapped in a sealed bag in a bowl of cold water and regular water changes to shorten defrost time.
– When preserving Salanganes’Nest or dishes prepared from Salanganes’Nest you should put in sealed box and to the top of the cooler, or stone block; to limit the quality of Salanganes’Nest affected from other foods in the refrigerator. – However, as other common foods especially for high value products such as bird’s nest, if you use it, should not be kept too long.
– If not cooked soon after cleaning, should be dried salanganes nests and then put in the refrigerator, cool down. It is best to put the nest in the refrigerator at about 40 ° C. Storage time about 1 week, if you want to store longer, should blow the fan for the dry nest, then put in a box, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.
– If the oats have turned black, the nest is damaged or damaged by bacteria or too much oxygen can not be used anymore. Therefore, when preserving the nest should be noted keeping the nest in a clean environment and careful observation.
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