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Share the secrets of taking photos when traveling with Hoi A

I am a local photographer in Hoi An, I have photographed many families, couples coming here. I love this job and I am happy to give customers beautiful pictures

Đăng lúc: 14:13, ngày - 25.11.2019 tại Quảng Nam. Lượt xem: 85
Đăng bởi hoanggviett0212. Liên hệ:
Share the secrets of taking photos when traveling with Hoi A - share-the-secrets-of-taking-photos-when-traveling-with-hoi-a
 In the present life, the retention of memories, beautiful moments or simply moments when friends gather together to play together becomes an indispensable element of the young. Understanding that, we always try our best to help you have the best photos or simply Share the secrets of taking photos when traveling with Hoi An Photographer for your reference.

Firstly, choosing a perfect angle is always the top priority.

High-angle shooting is now a lot of young people like to take a selfie. The high angle gives you a sense of serenity, capturing all the beauty behind you, while avoiding the double chin when shooting from the bottom up.

Photo : Hoi An Photographer

Keep your camera up high, pointing the lens behind you more, this is really necessary when you travel because not only can satisfy the pleasure of taking pictures but also get the photos that the owner of the It must be admiring because of its slender face.

Photo : Hoi An Photographer

2nd, Use assistive technology

Whether you're oversized or too many people taking photos in the same frame that used to be a worry for your selfie, now with built-in technology like monopods - a dedicated tripod for attaching to your phone , you can take selfies with any situation, with anyone you want.

Photo: Hoi An Photographer

Monopod helps you to widen the distance with the camera, capturing images that the phone, the camera when shooting at close range can not cover. Because of the extra distance, your face will look smaller, balanced with other people in the frame.

Photo: Hoi An Photographer

3rd , Creative unique shooting posture

Your pose, photography, and posing will make the photo more noticeable, a unique pose that creates a unique personality for you, a way to refresh yourself compared to previous photos. Mastering the shooting postures, you will be able to own beautiful, sparkling photos like a pro.

 Photo: Creative shooting pose at Hoi An Photographer

4th , Do not shoot alone

One important thing that Hoi An Photographer cannot help but remember when taking photos on travel is that you should limit your photography alone. Taking photos with friends and relatives will make you feel warm and friendly when traveling and make your image not lost in the nature.

Photo: Hoi An Photographer

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